Ardennais horse – Photos and information for a very beautiful and intelligent breed horse

46153 max Ardennais horse   Photos and information for a very beautiful and intelligent breed horse

 Ardennais horse breed

Ardennais horse - this is one of the oldest breeds of Heavyweights horses bred in Europe.Breed got its name from the name of the mountains on the border of France and Belgium. Archaeological excavations have shown that the ancestors of modern Ardennais horse were carried out in this area for more than 2000 years ago, in fact they are even bred at home.Even Herodotus, describing the north-eastern France in the works, calling it, though, otherwise – Northern Gaul, told of a small horse with a distinct constitution and endurance. He gave them a description of animals, reaching a height of about fifteen hands, which corresponds to a medium-sized modern type Ardennes horses. The next mention of the ancient ancestors Ardennais horse can be found in Julius Caesar.

elevage ardennais cheval attitude mini Ardennais horse   Photos and information for a very beautiful and intelligent breed horse


Ardennais horse best photo

Ardennais horse breed is considered one of the most beautiful among Heavyweights horses, it differs versatility laxity with regard to housing and feeding, as well known for their easy temperament and amazing mobility for all its mass. Ardennais horse hardy and can easily adapt to the mountains. Until the XIX century Ardennes breed was not so massive, as up to this time it has been used not only in the harness, but also for riding. Somewhere in the 1810′s, the breed brought Arab blood, and then gradually implemented crossbreeding with Thoroughbred Horse (Thoroughbred), Boulogne (Boulonnais) rocks, as well as the Percheron (Percheron). However, these attempts to improve the breed did not end positively and were soon discontinued.

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Best photo of Ardennais horse

Especially good Ardennais horse breed was evaluated during the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars and in the War of 1812. In addition, even in the First World, this breed is also actively used in artillery.When after the war increased the needs of agriculture, had launched a new, heavy type Ardennais horse, whose representatives we are basically now see. But there is also a small, more light, the type of the breed.

Quelle force ce cheval ardennais a19740402 Ardennais horse   Photos and information for a very beautiful and intelligent breed horse

Ardennais horse Side view

In Russia, the Ardennais horse appeared only at the end of XIX century and was used mostly for breeding new species: the Baltic Ardennes, Ardennes Swedish, Russian heavy truck (Russian heavy draft).Height modern Ardennes horses varies between 152 and 162 centimeters. Coat breed can be very diverse: red-roan, raven-gray, brown, dark red. Valid considered dark bay, Nightingale, but the Ardennais horse raven and gray dapple categorically unacceptable.

caudectomie 7 Ardennais horse   Photos and information for a very beautiful and intelligent breed horse

Ardennais horse foal

In Ardennais horse straight profile, low and flat forehead, pointed ears and large head with large eyes and wide, open nostrils, medium length neck with beautiful curves, strong shoulders and massive body with a fairly short back. The Ardennais horse limbs are well muscled, proportionate and strong.

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Photos, information and history for one expensive and luxury breed – Arabian horse

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Arabian horse breed

Arabian horse, she’s a purebred Arabian, an ancient breed of horse, bred in IV-VII centuries AD in the Arabian Peninsula. Huge role in shaping rock played Arab-Bedouin war, during which the Arab horses were used as a military breed. This affects the selection and provided good care and feeding in the end took a medium-sized breed, well-knit look. Horses are very hardy, has excellent movement in all gaits.

48272 horses arabian Photos, information and history for one expensive and luxury breed   Arabian horse

Arabian horse best photo


Over time, Arabian horse were considered the most important wealth of Arab nomads. Horses was forbidden to export from the Arabian Peninsula under the threat of death. In addition, this breed was forbidden to cross with any other, and therefore it has long maintained the purity of blood. For the first time representatives of the breed appeared in Europe during the First Crusade. Even though the Arabian horse had a slight increase, and were smaller than other breeds war, they were particularly agility and speed, and soon came to be used to improve other European breeds – heavy, harness and saddle.

arab horse exercise 136 Photos, information and history for one expensive and luxury breed   Arabian horse

Arabian horse luxury breed

The Arabian horse has a great significance for the world of horse breeding, as it is due to the breed appeared, such as Thoroughbred horse (Thoroughbred), and Terek breed (Tersk horse), Orlov trotter (Orlov trotter) and Russian warmblood (Russian riding horse).European breeds of horses have occurred due to the Arab Andalusian breed (Andalusian horse), Lippitsan (Lipizzan), Percheron (Percheron), Boulogne-horse (Boulonnais horse), Barbary horse (Barb horse) and many others.

33 48 featured orig Photos, information and history for one expensive and luxury breed   Arabian horse

Arabian horse stallions

The rock is clearly visible characteristics: the horse dry and heavily-built, beautiful, with a concave bridge of the nose, head, high neck, long and straight grain, with the Arabian horse oversight of a high tail. Limb of Arabian horses are well developed, hooves – durable. Unlike special horse – is its tail, which greatly raises the animal with any fast gait.

Arabian stallion finished by ManiaAdun Photos, information and history for one expensive and luxury breed   Arabian horse

Arabian horse dressage

Growth in this Arabian horse breed is small: stallions reaching an average of 154 inches at the withers, the mare – 150 centimeters.Colour mostly – gray of different shades, but also common and red sorrel horse, Raven – less. Sometimes there are piebald color, far fewer – silver bay.Another distinctive feature of the Arabian horse breed is its longevity – many of Arabian horses live up to thirty years.

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Donkey horse- ordinary and really nice

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Little Donkey and white horse

Donkeys originally used in people with honor, their content was very beneficial owner of the donkey and gave a distinct advantage to their fellow citizens on foot, donkeys so quickly and widely spread in all countries of the Middle East, and later came to the Caucasus and southern Europe. In all areas with hot and dry climates use donkeys were, however, and sometimes even more profitable than horses, so at a later time Donkeys colonized the newly discovered lands.

%D0%BE%D1%81%D0%B5%D0%BB Donkey horse  ordinary and really nice

Brown Donkey on the lawn

A large number of Donkeys is available in all countries in Africa, India, China, USA, Mexico, in many countries of South America. Now the world population totals 45 million Donkeys and this despite the fact that in developed countries, they replaced the motorized transport. The best breeding stock donkeys are concentrated in Spain, France and the United States.

%D0%BE%D1%81%D0%B5%D0%BB 2 Donkey horse  ordinary and really nice

Grey Donkey in town

The Democratic Party of the United States chose the Donkey as its symbol, as the embodiment of hard work, the donkey is the symbol of the Spanish province of Catalonia. At the same time in some countries, donkeys are considered “inferior” pets, a sign of poverty and simplicity. So what is the reason for the different treatment of these animals of different people?

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Description of a beautiful breed Dole horse

Dole eating grass Description of a beautiful breed Dole horse

Dole horse eating grass

Before the revolution this horse was used only in the western provinces (Smolensk, Minsk, Mogilev, etc.). In the experimental agricultural station Engelgardtovskoy (Batishcheva, Smolensk region) of stallions of this breed and local mares obtained a very good average size, lean and agile horse farm. Important was the breed of horse breeding in western areas of the Byelorussian SSR, where stallions from Dole breed were used as improvers. Hybrids by crossing them with the local sows type Polesie, etc. were very good.

suprize Description of a beautiful breed Dole horse

Beautiful Dole horses in brown

They are large enough, well adapted to local conditions, feeding and maintenance and are suitable for all types of work, to feed and care they are relatively undemanding. On the basis of Dole horse stallions and several other species in the sled sport of the Byelorussian SSR created its own type of harness horses, highly esteemed by the public.

06 fillies Description of a beautiful breed Dole horse

Dole horses looking really nice

Height: 150 – 155 (mare) 155 – 160 cm (stallions).
Colour: Black or bay, and sometimes buckskin or “apple”.
Temperament: Friendly, lively but docile, industrious.
Exterior: It has a small head with a thick fringe of medium length, muscular, set high on the neck, solid body, a few myagkovataya back, a long slope of a normal large, muscular. Gudbrandsdalen strong legs, overgrown with their large, which is borrowed, apparently, from the Danish (Jutland), horse, or at least a local Norwegian horse has a little overgrown.
Use: harness work, pack.

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Pictures and information of Dartmoor Pony breed

Dartmoor Pony Foal by AdoniMiah Pictures and information of Dartmoor Pony breed

Picture of Dartmoor pony

Provenance: Dartmoor ponies originally lived in the peaty areas on Dartmoor, southwest England, where to this day they live in the wild herds. It is believed that they lived there in the time of the Saxons. Later, the Crusaders brought back from the military campaigns of the Arabs. During the industrial revolution, the needs of developing the coal industry led to the crossing of Dartmoor with smaller Shetland ponies for breeding animals, capable of working in underground mines.

Glenda Pictures and information of Dartmoor Pony breed

Dartmoor pony in town

At present it is a breathtaking ponies for the children of equestrian sports, as well as his success crossed with Arabian and Thoroughbred breeds. As a result of re-crossing with the Thoroughbred breed make great hunter – saddle horses for the triathlon.
Height: 120 – 123 (mare) 123 – 125 cm (stallions)
Colour: Bay, crow, dark bay. Forbidden red-speckled and crows and Tans, as well – a lot of white markings.

Dartmoor Ponies Pictures and information of Dartmoor Pony breed

Beautiful Dartmoor pony breed

Temper: Animal friendly and sensitive.
Exterior: Dartmoor pony looks like a thoroughbred horse with reduced dimensions: the head of a noble, a small and well set, the ears are small, alert, mobile. The neck is of medium length, not too heavy, the stallions can moderate crest. Build a strong, muscular. The legs are dry, hard hooves, the correct form, the tail is thick, the charge of high. Movement of large and smooth.Dartmoor ponies are very prolific and can live for very long.
Usage: mountains

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The beautiful horse breed Criollo

Criollo horse 3 The beautiful horse breed Criollo

Criollo horse eating on the lawn

Provenance: From Panama, Jamaica and the Spanish conquistadors brought horses (Andalusian and Berber breeds), also in South America. Creating a breed dates back to 1535 when the founder of Buenos Aires by Pedro de Mendoza, who was forced to leave the city, released a number of horses, later joined by wild horses from Peru and Chile: a half century later, there were already a large number of wild herds roaming the pampas.Over the centuries the structure of the Argentine Criollo has changed, adapting to a constantly changing environment and work, in view of the vast country. He improved the back and chest, pasterns are shorter, more massive bones, the height reached 152 centimeters, the character gained a lot of agility and courage, which made the horse more reliable in situations where the reaction plays a major role, as well as easy to operate.

Roserina The beautiful horse breed Criollo

Criollo horse breed in town

Height: 145 -152 cm
Colour: bay, raven, red, roan, buckskin; common stains, and especially in the red suit, “ass” streak.
Character: lively, bold, easy to operate, user-friendly
Exterior: Head elongate, with a straight profile, wide forehead, long ears, vivid, expressive eyes. The neck is muscular and well arched, well set in the back, long and sloping. Withers serving, large round and firm. Abdomen broad and deep.The tail is well-placed, consists of thin hair. Forearm strong, lean hocks, pasterns long and not very prominent. The hooves are well formed, with a very strong horn.

 The beautiful horse breed Criollo

The beautiful breed Criollo

Usage: When the they are driven in herds of the valley and they have to separate the young bulls, the first thing they should do is to ensnare the past and put them to the stigma. At this stage of the Criollo demonstrates his skill that has become instinctive for years of training. The man shows him a copy of which should be branded, the horse follows him, without losing sight for a second, and creates better conditions for the rider, so he could throw the lasso. Halls of bull, the man calmly dismounted from his horse, confident that it will keep the Criollo lasso taut, thus providing security for the shepherd and his assistants. Despite the fact that the Criollo horse seems born to work with livestock, he shows a great aptitude for jumping, especially horses, born in Brazil and Argentina. The great Nelson Pessoa (the famous Brazilian rider) made its debut at the international level with a wonderful representative of this breed – the gray Gran Geste.
Notes: They are living and working side by side with the person with whom he was tied up in endless indissoluble bonds of open spaces of South America. We live criollo, but a balanced character, he is not frightened of difficult and dangerous situations, faithfully serving his master.

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The American saddle horse – the perfect show horse

1024 %C3%97 768 American Saddlebred Wallpaper 3 The American saddle horse   the perfect show horse

A beautiful brown American saddle horse in gallop
This particular breed is one of great stamina and beauty. Is has a nice well-formed neck with somewhat aristocratic arch and highly lifted tail. This type of horse is primarily a show horse – it reacts extremely well to training. The colours of this breed vary from brown, black and even white, sometimes a combination of the three.

saddlebred The American saddle horse   the perfect show horse

Another stallion of the American saddle horses
It is around 60-68 inches and its weight is around 450 kilograms. The American saddle horses are often used in sport horse disciplines. and in western classes. By the time of the Civil war this breed was the most popular one – it started spreading around America after the war. Nowadays you can find them in many other countries as well like Canada and Germany for example.

1280 %C3%97 960 American Saddlebred Wallpaper 1 The American saddle horse   the perfect show horse

A photo of an American saddle horse with its little one

The horse has a head with very small years and a long neck. Its withers are above the height of the hips. These horses are very well proportioned so overall they look really good. They also give really good performances, for which they are famous all over the world.

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The American shetland pony – the strongest type of horse

 The American shetland pony   the strongest type of horse

A small brown American shetland pony

This breed carries its name from the place it originates from – the Shetland isles. Its height is about 107 cm and the ponies have really small legs. They are thought to be very intelligent and are used for many different things such as driving and also riding.

 The American shetland pony   the strongest type of horse

An American shetland pony with its small one

Nowadays these small ponies are ridden by children and also they take part in horse shows. You can often see them in carnivals and even fairs used as an attraction. The most miniature of them are trained to be guide horses. The Shetland ponies are extremely strong, with a small head and very small years for a horse.

 The American shetland pony   the strongest type of horse

A photo of an American Shetland pony eating

In terms of colours, Shetland ponies can be in almost every colour – chestnut, silver, gray, black, palomino and so much more. The horse is very strong and can pull twice their own weight. They live mostly up to 30 years are their owners have to be really cautious and carefull with their nutrition. They are gentle and have a good temper.

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Information for the horse breed Connemara Pony

dscn5786 Information for the horse breed Connemara Pony

Connemara Pony breed in nature

Provenance: The Connemara pony Born in Connemara Konnogte, where it is still growing in the wild. He has ancestors with  pony back to the Ice Age. The descendants of the Celtic ponies were grown for centuries in the big clean up of the Middle Ages, when mixed with the Berber-Spanish blood. In the future, the breed was refined with an admixture of Arab blood (the line of Nancy). In 1923 the Society was established Connemara breed: the first stallion registered in the stud book was Cannon credits, the other two stallions, greatly influenced the formation of the breed, giving it a uniform, were Rebel (1922) and Golden Glim (1932).
Height: 132-144 cm

kingstownmolly Information for the horse breed Connemara Pony

A photo of Connemara Pony

Colour of Connemara pony: gray, bay, crow, buckskin, and occasionally roan, and red, and often there is a black belt at the back.
Temperament: calm, balanced, beautiful jumper
Exterior: The structure of the head, a small and well formed, it is obvious the influence of oriental blood. The ears are small, long neck. The back is well-posed, sloping sides, belly broad.The croup is sloped, the tail is fluffy, just like the mane. Forearm and pastern have the right proportions. Pastern: flat, smooth and strong, with a diameter of 17 to 20 cm’s horn cover strong and provides a firm footing on the surface of any type.

mollyundicon01 Information for the horse breed Connemara Pony

Connemara Pony with little pony 

Use: This is a very versatile pony who through their obedient nature, adapted to any type of work. Because of the strength and endurance of the structure, communicated to him the natural environment in which it lives, it is most often used in the works in the village and as a beast of burden. From mixing with the Thoroughbred horse born pony larger with excellent jumping ability. Dandre, famous for jumping in Connemara, it had in his genealogy of the English horse stallion Little Haven.
Notes: The Connemara Pony – the most typical of Irish rock. Thanks to the obedient nature and extreme versatility is perfect as well as upland ponies for children. He has the strength and endurance, hardened by centuries of work in the fields, in conjunction with a balanced character, is a lively and sensitive ponies.
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The American gaited pony – better than the normal horses

 The American gaited pony   better than the normal horses

A male American gaited pony

This particular breed is unique because the horses exhibit a smooth saddle gait such as a running walk, rack, foxtrot, stepping pace, or one of the paso gaits.  It is not at all easy to find a nice, well gaited pony to ride out of these. Ponies have been appreciated for a long time for their intelligence, hardiness, and load-carrying ability.

 The American gaited pony   better than the normal horses

Photo of a spotted American gaited pony

This type of horse can really jump high, compete in speed events and successfully compete against “normal” ponies which are not of that particular breed and then go back and give the smoothest trail ride one could ever see. It easily keeps up with larger ponies and even horses and is very calm and intelligent breed.

 The American gaited pony   better than the normal horses

Beautiful gaited pony on the grass

A big number of the gaited ponies come from a background with other gaited horse breeds. Some of them are the Tennessee Walking Horse, the Paso Fino Horse, the Spotted Saddle Horse and a few others. Gaited Ponies can be 58 inches tall and must do a smooth saddle gait other than a trot. These horses are more of a size group with a smooth gait than a specific breed.

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