Gidran horse- extraordinarily rare breed

magyar sportlo kisberi felver Gidran horse  extraordinarily rare breed

Gidran horse breed photo

The Gidran horse breed was born in the horse breeding Mezohegyes, founded in 1785 by Giuseppe II in the south-east of the Hungarian plain. In 1816, was purchased a few thorough breds and many Arabs. One of these stallions, hydraulic Signor, brought straight from Arabia, and Arrogant, a mare of Spanish blood, gave birth to Gidran 11 (1820), which is considered the progenitor of the breed.


gidran Gidran horse  extraordinarily rare breed

A picture of the horse breed Gidran

The Gidran horse head is small, slim profile, usually straight, his eyes large and very expressive, the ears small and pointed. The neck is fairly long, strong and slender, slightly curved. Withers serving. The line long and straight, croup is short and rounded, with a high tail. The back is arched and muscular, broad chest, the abdomen broad and dense. Legs with a good staging, strong: long and muscular forearms, pasterns are short, but strong, wide in diameter, hocks broad and strong,dry and tendons stand out. Hoofs rounded with a dense, solid horn cover Gidran horse.


62754586 Gidran horse  extraordinarily rare breed

Gidran horses inlove

Exports to all countries of Eastern Europe to improve the breed, and he played an important role in the Gidran horse formation of such species as Lesser Poland, Pleven and Danubiana. In severe form is used as a harness horse for farm work. Perfect for saddles for jumping, reaching success in equestrian sports. Because of its naturalis difficult to use in tests that require maximum effort and a high concentration, so the rider must be a strong, sensitive and subtle. This horse has a great ability for a marathon - long-distance jumps.

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