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The creation of the Haflinger Horse breed was started in 1876 primary reason for its creation was the need of the Austrian army of mountain packhorses. For this purpose, used local mares were initially crossed with Shaggy and Gidran, and later to improve some exterior qualities – with purebred Arabian horses. In 1874 was imported stallion El Oriental Vedavi XXIII, born in 1868 by a tribal order it used his sons 14 and 1-77 Film Hafling. The Haflinger Horse resulting offspring of these is widespread in the region of Tyrol. In 1898 he was officially recognized breed Haflinger Horse under the name.Its universal qualities and on nutrition have promoted it in 30 countries worldwide. The highest prevalence breed Haflinger horses are in Austria, Switzerland, France, Holland, Turkey, Serbia, Albania, USA, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Brazil and others.


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Haflinger breed Horse



Until the Haflinger Horse beginning of World War I of this breed mares was 400 mothers who had received as a result of very strict selection in terms of type and exterior. The period between the First and Second World War was a period of expansion of the areal distribution of the Haflinger Horse and increase its numbers. Especially quickly began to develop after World War II by demanding universal small breed. Haflinger Horse at withers in mares is 132 to 142 cm, and stallions – from 137 to 144 cm its business purpose is equilateral. Grown in mountainous regions from 1100 to 1700 m altitude, breed Haflinger horses are trained, tested and used for sled riding and carrying loads. Along with the development of the Haflinger Horse was developed and structure J. As a result of the linear propagation under very strict quality selection of the Haflinger Horse breed are confirmed and taken to the offspring.


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Haflinger Horse side view



Horses Haflinger breed is characterized by short stature, beautiful head, short neck with highly developed muscles. Withers low and gradually pour in the back. The Haflinger Horse body is extended with a broad rounded chest. The croup is broad, forked, with developed muscles. Legs are relatively low with well-developed bone. The Haflinger Horse color of the hair of horses is Isabella. Mane and tail of the Haflinger breed horses are covered with abundant hair poke the roof, giving the horses a special beauty. Have a good temper, slightly susceptible to training in different types of work. Are available for adults Haflinger Horse, children and inexperienced workers.Haflinger Horse can safely wait for hours together without creating problems.



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