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A photo of Finn horse from a side


The Finn is the only Finn horse breed of Finnish origin. There are about 20,000 nationwide Finn horses, representing a quarter of the entire horse herd equivalent. The Finns and the Finn horse share a common History, it served meritoriously in the wars and agriculture and forestry. Today, the Finn horse Part of the equestrian sport, entrepreneurial activity and a reliable partner for leisure children, young people and adults.

sh lumessa Information and images of Finn horse

Winter picture of a Finn horse

The Finn horse under his racial characteristics a Height of about 156 cm and is a versatile Universal horse. The color scale of the Finn horse is far diverse. The Finnish horses are generally foxes, Brown or black horse with the distinctive white Spots on head and legs. The Finn has a horse elastic response, good attitude and is quite robust. In character, the Finn horse is reliable, obedient and energetic, and it showsambition. The Finn horse is as cold-blooded trotting horses, riding, train and small horse breed.
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Beautiful Finn horse breed

The Finn horse head is of medium size, with a straight profile, with a square outline, with small,pointed ears, large, trusting eyes. The neck is relatively short. Withers formed, but little acting, spinopoyasnichnaya line is rather short, rounded and sloping croup, low tail. Chest broad and extensive, belly full and dense. The Finn horse legs are short andvery strong: the forearm proportional, great pastern bone and the diameter, hocksbroad and dry, tendons strong and dense. The Finn horse hooves are healthy, rounded, with a tight horn, resistant to wear. The tail and mane of a lush, occasionally brush puts on the joints and pasterns Finn horse.

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