The Azteca horse – Mexico’s national breed

 The Azteca horse   Mexicos national breed

Photo of an Azteca stallion in the water

The Azteca horse is a breed of saddle horse created in Mexico as a national breed for a work cattle. The breed was created in 1978 by the landowners and Mexican bullfighting riders who wanted to see the Azteca horse birth of a national race. There was once a breed of Mexican criollo, which was absorbed into either the Aztec or disappeared.


 The Azteca horse   Mexicos national breed

Beautiful Azteca stallion


The Aztec is derived from the crossing of the Pure Spanish breeds and Quarter Horses, to combine the qualities of both races who share a sense of well-developed livestock and ability to work with livestock. The Azteca horse is a horse of medium proportions or stocky, its paces are noted and brilliant. Its head is straight to the bevel and is attached to a powerful neck. The Azteca horse chest is broad and roundedchest.

 The Azteca horse   Mexicos national breed

Picture of an Azteca stallion outdoors

The Azteca horse rump is round and its members are muscular. The breed is popular because it is resistant, fast and agile. Also, the minimum size is 1.50 m in females and 1.52 m in males. All Azteca horse colours are allowed, except pie.

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